My car already has a different type of rustproofing applied on it, will Rust Check be as efficient in this case?

Yes. In cases where an alternate product such as wax or tar based treatment has been used prior to Rust Check, those products typically show signs of failure after time. Drying, cracking and eventual flaking generally occur allowing moisture to creep beneath the coating, causing rust. Rust Check if applied over these coating also creeps


Do you drill holes?

A few holes may be required in order to access body cavities that factory design has not allowed for. These holes are approximately 1/2 inch in size, and enable even and complete coverage of each panel.

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Does your product drip?

Rust Check is a thin liquid product designed to penetrate deep down into the crevices of a vehicle. In order to access these areas you may experience occasional dripage. There is no dripage from our undercarriage application when Coat and Protect is applied.

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What is Coat & Protect?

Rust Check Coat & Protect provides the required protection for exposed areas of your vehicle’s undercarriage. Coat & Protect is formulated as a premium undercarriage treatment that forms adherent and wash resistant, but non-drying and self-healing protective films that will not crack or peel. Coat & Protect also provides excellent undercarriage appearance, and lubricates as